As a mother of 3 children, the joy and wonder I experience each day makes me feel so fulfilled and proud. Just looking at their innocent faces and listening to their funny, quirky, and incredibly wise anecdotes and observations is insightful and humbling. I often wonder how I am equipped enough to be the mother and teacher of such precious individuals who will go on to be adults, making important decisions and contributing to an ever-changing world full of unexpected challenges….it is an awe inspiring and daunting responsibility.

Although all my children are equally important, I feel a mother-daughter relationship has a unique and special meaning. As a young girl I spent many hours with my mum dressing up in her clothes, going to the dressmaker and shopping for fabrics to then sew into clothes for myself. I consulted mum on many things to do with fashion and clothing and we built a strong bond because of this. My mum became extremely proud of me choosing fashion as a career and now naturally considers herself a proud Brand Ambassador.

Similarly, I have a special relationship with my 14-year-old daughter. She is so much more confident, beautiful, talented, and wise than I ever was or hoped to be. I admire her determination, passion and drive. One thing I won’t dare do is advise her on fashion! Intuitively though, I believe her taste level, sophistication, values and perspective on clothing will end up in tune with my own, and indeed those of the brand. She appreciates timeless fashion and keeping things very simple yet beautiful.

We decided to do some photos together one recent Saturday afternoon with the family dog. You’d know I have never been one to put myself or my family out there for the world to see, but these times made re-think. I feel they are a very natural reflection of our wonderful relationship which has developed as more than just a mother and daughter bond. This Mother’s Day, I’d like to recognise all the mothers out there, as well as the generous and kind women who inspire and guide others through life - the “metaphorical” mother figures that are equally vital in our upbringings.

Much love, Anna