2018 saw Anna Thomas celebrate its fifteenth year in the Australian fashion landscape. The label is now well established with boutiques in nine prestigious locations across Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

The name Anna Thomas, has become synonymous with timeless style and quality, and her label, continues to grow throughout Australia.

Since winning the prestigious IWS Young Designer of the Year, Anna has had several senior roles with fashion companies most notably as Design Director in Italy for luxury fashion house Max Mara’s Weekend brand.

In the last ten years, Anna has made a significant impact on women’s fashion in Australia by creating a culture around the Anna Thomas label. Her designs are immersed in tactility, quality and a synergy of fabric and craftsmanship.

All the while, the essence of Anna Thomas and core of her inspiration is her customer.

Embracing the foundation of quality fabric and detailed tailoring, the clothing is designed for women who love luxury combined with an appreciation for timelessness and classic fashion pieces with a contemporary twist.


Anna produced her first collection in 2003 and has guided the growth of the label as it has developed its own style and customer following. While her signature remains consistent each season, Anna continues to push the evolution of her product, keeping it on-trend which defines the Anna Thomas style.

The key to this evolution is in the fabric. Anna collaborates creatively with textiles designers in Italy directly and with her knowledge of fluent Italian she sources fabrics through a network of exclusive high end fabric mills who share similar design and quality values. A determination and willingness to find the most beautiful cloth has allowed Anna an opportunity to develop some long standing and personal relationships with the Italian textile mills. This has enabled her to offer something very unique in Australia.

She starts with fabric and colour, building a season’s collection. This is where her creativity begins and evolves. The aesthetic of the garment is complimented with a highly engineered structure and Anna believes the internal of a garment is equally important as the external. The placement and combination of each component in each season is chosen with the skill Anna has developed through years of work, study and uncompromising creativity.