Ask most designers and they will tell you they don't have a lot of time to actually sit down and sketch or paint beautiful illustrations. We are all caught up in the day to day hectic pace of the clothing between technical sketching & specifications, fabric work, fittings and production meetings there is little time to connect in this pure & artistic way.


When I designed my first collection in 2002 (AW2003), I prioritised the illustration of my work for 2 reasons. Firstly, in order to market towards potential wholesale clients but most importantly to reconnect with my artistic side.


I am particularly fond of this illustration & can recall the pieces well.....exquisite striped lambswool blanket skirts worn with soft baby alpaca tweedy knits and a deluxe tweed coat in cinnamon tones worn with an Oriental inspired printed satin in Autumnal tones. It was very much about the total look which was important to communicate as a fledgling label. Our brand would become known to dress women for all of their needs, whether it was clothes for work or for leisure/weekend wear or for occasion dressing.


Anna Thomas was and still is all about an aesthetic that appeals to a sophisticated, yet practical way of dressing.